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Your body has an amazing ability to heal & the best place to start is with your gut!

Do you feel like you need a fresh start for your health but don’t know how to get to the root cause of your symptoms? If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve been on a diet or healing quest for a long time; cleanses or detoxes and have cut out some of your favourite foods but not sure why; or you just have no idea where to start to get your energy on track and overcome negative feelings about yourself.

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Empowered Women’s Health is the home of my 5-week online Gut Health Program which will change your life!

Inside I guide you through an empowering process of learning the root cause of your health issues and then I help you integrate the gut health plan into your life to achieve your best health!

Your overall health and symptoms are a reflection of the inner environment in both your body and  your brain.  If you’re experiencing unwanted issues in your weight, hormones, mood, skin, sleep, digestion, energy or any other health conditions, you’re body is actually asking you to reconsider your gut health.

Whilst focusing on your food, lifestyle, emotional blocks, mental conditioning and learning to sharpen your intuition, the Gut Health Program serves to empower you to find your best way forward.


What you'll achieve...

  • Gain in-depth Knowledge of Your Current Health Status
  • Be Professionally Guided in Your Balancing and Healing Process
  • Clear Old Emotional Blocks Preventing You Moving Forward
  • Access More of Your Intuition For Yourself Going Forward
  • + Bonuses: Access all my favourite health resources; Specific guidance on different health issues, beauty regimes, exercises; yoga; meditations; help with mindset and more!
  • Everyone is different and improving or even healing your health issues will be a very liberating and personal experience for you!

Health Challenges This Program Helps:

Digestive issues & diseases is the cornerstone & will be often be the cause of  ~ Autoimmune conditions  ~ Weight problems ~ Hormone imbalance ~ Inflammatory ~ Rheumatoid  ~ Thyroid problems ~ Fertility challenges  ~ Food intolerances ~ Menstrual cycle issues ~ Headaches and Migraines ~ Mood (anxiety and depression) ~ Allergies and skin conditions ~ Yeast infections (thrush) ~ Fatigue ~ Insomnia ~ PCOS ~ Endometriosis ~ Random symptoms ~ Stress conditions

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First Step : Let go of what's harming your precious health

You know that in order to feel better, you may need to let go of some habits that perhaps are no longer serving you. I then show you how to replace these with better choices, so you won’t miss a thing.

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Step 2: Add in what's good for you

Women’s nutrition is all about you eating foods according to what you personally need at the time and stage of your life.  That’s why set diets don’t work for everyone. Whether you’re  vegan or a meat eater, you’re able to develop a personalized eating plan that you’ll thrive on.

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Step 3: Multiply the goodness

In this step, you’ll allow the good things you’ve added, to amplify and multiply for your health, so you can flourish to new levels. Let the good take over.

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Step 4: Heal with time

Now your body will have the chance to heal and reset any health imbalances that you started with.  A beautiful stage of your health journey.

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Step 5: Harmonize all your good work

Here you’ll feel some peace of mind knowing that you’ve tended to yourself. Perhaps some long overdue time to focus on yourself.  Now, allow the changes to reset the balance of you health, both in your body and mind.  This is a time to celebrate and continue!

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Hello, I'm Johanna!

~ Nutritionist & Natural Health Practitioner (ATMS Accredited) ~


I was possibly in your shoes!  My journey started as a reaction to my own health struggles in 2011.

Running so low on energy it was ridiculous, addicted to bad food (and foods that I thought were healthy.) This was the beginning of a downward slippery slope to a lot of inflammation internally and in my skin. I realized my health was definitely heading for disaster if I didn’t take control! But I couldn’t find any answers and doctors just wanted to medicate me.

So I went back to school and studied Nutritional Medicine and this was the beginning of  an amazing journey for myself, family and my patients.

Now an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, I’ve been practicing in my private clinic for years now and absolutely have made it my mission to help other women with their health too!

Changing the way that I ate was so hard. It was a massive change for me, as my diet revolved around my weekend takeaway food and wine to reduce my stress and lots of little sugar hits through the week!

But over time, I developed some ways to stick to the right path and I was able to get rid of all my symptoms and reach my ultimate happy weight!  (I definitely know about it if I go back to my ‘old’ ways though, and this I’ve learnt the hard way!)

So now as a natural health care practitioner, I’ve distilled the core process of my clinical work to provide an opportunity for women who want to turn around their health, but may not have access to a private consultation with a health professional.

Empowered Women’s Health is accessible to anyone who has a device (that you’re on now) and an internet connection. 

Inside you'll receive...

  • A step by step guided 5-week gut health program that I use for women in my clinical practice

  • A choice of video or written info where I go through with you the step for each week

  • Your food plan for each step  +  your shopping list and where to buy

  • Delicious and simple recipes favourites for inspiration and to keep things interesting

  • An updated resource center designed to support you both physically and mentally through each step and beyond

  • Access to online yoga videos, meditations, EFT and high intensity trainings for all levels to keep you fit and flexible

  • Learn how to combine this natural gut health plan with your doctor’s health plan if necessary

  • Private Facebook group community for support, ask questions,  and socialize with like minded women

  • And much, much more…

Take a sneak peak at the recipes on the inside!

Food is one of life's great joys! I take everyday favourites and alter the ingredients to make gut healthy versions in the Recipe Book inside. You also learn to adopt this formula to any recipe you come across in the future. Make it your own and the best thing is... you never feel like you're missing out!

Gluten Free/Gut Healing Pastry (Savoury or Sweet)

Gluten Free/Gut Healing Pastry (Savoury or Sweet)

Dairy-Free Soft Cheese with Herbs

Dairy-Free Soft Cheese with Herbs

Layered Salted Caramel Peanut Fudge

Layered Salted Caramel Peanut Fudge

Oven-Baked Broccoli and Cauliflower

Oven-Baked Broccoli and Cauliflower

Toasty Gut Friendly Granola

Toasty Gut Friendly Granola

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Delicious Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Granola

Chocolate Granola

Warm Broccoli Salad with Kale, Lime + Tamari Almonds

Warm Broccoli Salad with Kale, Lime + Tamari Almonds

Like to take it for a test run?

Try it all out in the 7 days FREE trial. Cancel at anytime. * NEW* A FREE health consultation with the annual option. Numbers are VERY limited . A special promotion only.

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Monthly Payment + GST. AU$.

  • Your flexible food plans + shopping list
  • Your weekly steps
  • Delicious, simple recipes
  • Lifestyle support: Online yoga classes, meditations, fitness, beauty, and much more to support you as you go
  • A private member's facebook group to seek support and community

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Annual Deluxe Membership


Single Payment + GST. AU$.

  • Everything in the Monthly Plan PLUS
  • 3 months FREE!
  • Unlimited Private Email Support with Johanna
  • 12 Months Full Access
  • Are you 1 of the 10 special promotion?
  • If so... A Complimentary Health Consultation via Skype/Facetime to talk about your personal health situation and the best way forward with the program. This really helps you with your own unique health needs. (Time Limited Bonus!)

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"Knowing that Johanna is always ready to answer any questions, no matter how personal, is very comforting. I have been searching for ages for beneficial changes that didn't include medications and have found what I've been looking for."

K.P. Charters Towers

"Joining EWH is the best decisions I've made in 2018. Johanna has made life really simple! So excited to be part of the EWH family. I've finally found my tribe!"

N.D. Townsville

"If you’re trying to improve your health and nutrition but not sure how to make it happen - EWH is it! The program is easy to integrate into your lifestyle and Johanna’s compassionate commitment ensures you’re supported throughout."

J.B. Charters Towers

“EWH has really helped me get my health on track. Feeling better, sleeping better and much more energy. The system is Easy to follow and so informative. The Information that I've had access too has been invaluable”

A.M. Brisbane

"I found Johanna’s advice and plans has helped me to listen to my body and recognize what does and does not work for me. I have had great improvements to my wellness and I feel empowered!"

L.F. Nebo

"Johanna is someone with amazing information and a dedication to improving women’s health."

L.C. Charters Towers

"The initial thought of paying for something and ongoing costs scared me, I live to a very tight budget. But I realised how important it is to put myself first. The benefits certainly out-weigh the cost."

J.M. Canterbury, NZ.

"Johanna is incredibly caring, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in her patient’s welfare, which makes her an outstanding practitioner."

C.M. Brisbane

"I feel the best I have felt in years and I finally feel like you have given me the answers that so many specialists have never done. I am now having several days at a time where I am pain free, You have changed my life!!"

A.P. Townsville

Johanna’s knowledge of food and its effect on health is exceptional. I’ve shed some weight and feel much better having followed Johanna’s advice.”

D.B. Townsville

I've now lost 5 kg and a lot of stomach fat. Johanna's food plan fits around things I like and didn't want to give up, like wine and ice-cream! You've changed my eating patterns for life!"

R.P. Townsville

"Johanna has an amazing ability to communicate in a clear manner and she gives you indepth help."

D.S. Townsville

"Johanna listens to my request not to have a restricted diet and worked around that. Her knowledge and expertise could help many."

L.Q. Townsville

“Johanna shows that one of her real priorities is improving client knowledge so that, rather than just improving their life in the short term, she is making real life-long changes.

S.M. Townsville

Johanna you are the first health professional that I've seen in the last 14 years (and it has been ALOT!!) who actually understands and has helped me, with my gut issues."

A.P. Townsville

"Johanna has helped my health, both emotionally and physically to dramatically improve. Johanna continues to provide me with support."

L.C. Charters Towers

“My son has noticed a vast improvement with his Irritable Bowel Disease since following her. His well being has improved immensely.”

A.R. Townsville

Frequently Asked

  • Is Empowered Women’s Health™ right for me?

    If you’re a woman who’s ready for change; If you’re looking for a holistic and and natural way to manage your symptoms; If you’re wanting to feel assured, clear in your goals and have a sustainable path to reach them; If you desire to know how to support your body from a place of self love;  If you have a health condition and you’re on medication for it and but want to do as much as you possibly can to support your health plan;  If you are someone who has their health sorted, but would like to keep it that way (and your family’s) then this is also perfect for you as there’s heaps of great info and resources.

  • Who is Empowered Women’s Health™ wrong for?

    If you’re looking for a quick fix; If the thought of working on yourself seems fluffy and woo woo; If you don’t believe that food will make any difference to how you feel;

  • What is the difference between the program and Empowered Women's Health?

    The Gut Health Program is my cornerstone program, within the Empowered Women’s Health membership site.  It is optional and self paced, step-by-step health program within Empowered Women’s Health, where I take you through 5 steps to heal your gut and mental strength, which is our first port of call for most other health issues.

  • How long will the Gut Health Program take me?

    There are 5 main steps, set out over 5 weeks (so you’ll have 1 step to focus on per week.)  I’ll show you how to reassess your progress and maintain your health from there.  These steps could take longer depending on your health.

  • When do I get access to Empowered Women’s Health™ and the program?

    As soon as you become a member. You have a choice as to how you want to use EWH for yourself.  Either making a start on the program right away OR sit back and enjoy all the rest of the help available to you for your health. It’s up to you.

  • My health is pretty good, should I still join Empowered Women’s Health™ to keep it that way?

    Absolutely.  EWH will help you stay abreast of any changes in your health, and keep your mental health and well-being as it should be.  There’s also lots of maintenance exercises, yoga classes, meditations, the recipe book – heaps to use and enjoy!

  • Do I have to pay month by month or just annually?

    It’s your choice! Everyone gets a 7 day FREE trial with access to everything. Then your payment starts after that first week and you can cancel at anytime, just buy clicking on ‘your account’ and cancelling your subscription. You can also upgrade your membership to Deluxe to access me via private email if you change your mind and would like more personalized help.  Don’t worry though, if anything happens that you don’t to – I’m simple a message or email away and I promise I’ll make it right for you!

  • Do I have direct access to Johanna?

    Absolutely! I will be almost ‘living’ in the member’s group, to help you along your journey. I will also be answering your questions in the group daily – whatever you need! If you’d like more one-on-one support, choose the Deluxe Annual membership to have private email access to me.

  • Am I locked into a payment system once I sign up?

    No.  And this is the huge benefit of a membership site such as this.  You’re never locked into payments AND the monthly fee is really achievable for most people. It’s like the cost of going out for breakfast once/month!!  I chose a membership site model so that I can keep adding thing in there for you to enjoy (and to keep it fresh!!)

  • How long should I stay a member for?

    I have designed Empower Women’s Health™ to take you through the step-by-step system to get you where you need to be with your health and feeling your best.  And obviously you’ll want to stay this way, so you can remain a member to feel continually supported, through your ever changing health needs. Most people fall off the wagon because they lack support and this is why I have built this site.

  • What happens if I don't want to stick around?

    No problems. You take the site for a test run over your 1 week trial and if you decide it’s not for you, just simply Cancel Your Subscription before the end of trial and you won’t be charged.  Just login and go to Your Account to do this.  Any problems and I can help you.


  • Do I need to do the Gut Health Program at all if I join?

    No. You can join and just use all our other resources, hang in the member’s group and get a feel for it all if you like.  There is absolutely no pressure to start until when YOU are ready.

  • I don't feel ready and/or I don't have time!

    You know the beauty with EWH – is you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do – and you can still feel better off with your health, as it’s comforting to have this kind of support for when you need it.  Best way to know is to just try it and see for yourself.

  • Is EWH an online Course?

    No. EWH is a membership site. But the program inside called the Gut-Brain Healing Program is pretty much a short course.  So you pay a small monthly amount to have access to EVERYTHING that I use to help my private patients  and much more.

  • How safe is it to do this kind of thing?

    The information and steps I provide throughout EWH are completely natural and you are always in control.  If you ever have any doubts about anything at all,  I am always available to advise you if something is or is not right for you. I always advise that if you’re unsure, to check with your doctor first however their eyes may glaze over if you say your on a healthy eating lifestyle program so be warned!

  • Is it safe to pay online?

    You have a choice of paying the small membership fee by either credit card or Stripe.  Stripe is just another very common version of Paypal.  The website is a ‘secured and encrypted site’ as you can see with the little lock beside the payment area.  This means that it’s the most secure website possible.  If you’re still wary, you can always ask me to set up your membership from my end, and this way you won’t need to put any payment details online.

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